Advantages of LED Lighting


LEDs are the future of lighting for many reasons:

  1)  They use 90% less energy than incandescent, and 50%-80% less than fluorescent, halogen, and HID lights.  Depending on hours of operation, your LED project should pay for itself through cost savings in 1-3 years (or less), then your savings continue to accumulate for the remainder of the life of the LEDs.  

   2)  With warranties of 5-10 years, many LEDs are designed to last 20+ years!  They not only save substantial electricity costs, but also reduce maintenance costs--no need to buy and store fragile replacements; and farewell to constantly changing burned-out lamps, or hiring electricians to change ballasts or fixtures!

  3)  LED technology has advanced greatly as prices have fallen.  Today's LEDs come in a variety of light "temperatures," replicating the colors of traditional lamps, including warmer white. 

  4)  Numerous Environmental Benefits:  By consuming significantly less electricity, LEDs drastically reduce your "carbon footprint" by reducing CO2 emissions from power plants.  Unlike fluorescent tubes and CFLs, LEDs contain no mercury, a harmful heavy metal and well-known neurotoxin.  Also unlike fluorescents, LEDs emit near zero UV radiation.  Among other benefits, fabrics, leather, etc. will not discolor or fade.  By virtue of having such long lives and greener components, LEDs reduce waste destined for landfills, and eliminate the need for special and costly recycling for proper disposal.

  5)  Whether retrofitting existing fixtures to accommodate LEDs in ubiquitous 2x4 fluorescent tube troffers, or replacing entire fixtures with integrated LED versions, there is an LED solution for every place in your space!  Get the look you want, brighten your environment, and boost your bottom line with every electric bill.