Lighting Efficiency Consultation 
Thinking about LEDs but don't know where to start?
We assess your existing lighting and offer cost-effective solutions, show the energy and maintenance savings and CO2 reductions that await. We collaborate with you, provide options and recommendations that best meet your needs.
Supplying High-Quality LED Products
We provide optimal LED products either to replace existing lighting or to install in new construction or remodels! With lighting color options ranging from warm to cool white, and products that last up to 30 years, eliminate the expense and headache of replacing burned-out bulbs and ballasts!
LED Conversions and Retrofits
Your business or organization will save money by upgrading to LED lighting.  We can show you how much, and do the conversion for you.-----------------
LEDs provide improved lighting while consuming 60%-90% less energy.  
We use high-quality, warrantied LED products from trusted and proven manufacturers.